MA, Contemporary Art Practice
2022-2023 Royal College of Art

Group Show
2022 Despite the Snow Outside, Imaginary Z, Hangzhou
2019 In and Out, COSO, Seoul

2023 Screening, Prince Charles Cinema, London
2022 Montez Press Radio, London
2022 Every mosquito feels the same, TINC, Seoul

2019-2020 Offenbach University of Art and Design, Exchange Program, Frankfurt
2016-2021 BA, Seoul National University, Seoul
Myungmin Liu (b. 1997, South Korea)

Living, simply by moving the body, leaves behind various remnants. The strands of hair scattered on my room’s floor, the imprint of my fingerprints left on doorknobs, the dust accumulating by the bedside. Cohabiting with unchosen surroundings, things always visible to the eye, things trodden underfoot, things touched by the hand, they come into existence without my intentions. They come from me but are not necessarily mine. When I try to discard them, they don’t entirely disappear, and when I attempt to possess them, claiming ownership becomes dubious. The same applies to my work.

Believing that I am creating something behind, but where does ‘my’ action truly begin and end? How much of 'me' remaining in the process becomes unclear. When the work starts to be sensed and seen, it immediately creates a distance for mutual observation. My work often resembles the state of residual materials left behind after specific actions. Currently, I'm interested in capturing or generating the ambivalent (de/constructive, visible/invisible, affectus..) encounters/materials triggered and interconnected within individuals, groups, and the environment post-action.

Together with me and everything except myself, I move and collect what remains within it, placing it within the world. Between myself and the world, we begin to perceive each other through these collected remnants. At that point, the distance between us is thinner than thin, narrower than what the eye can see, and more fragile than the meanings that can be discerned.

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